About gymOn project

Video exercises by Peninsula Gymnastics

gymOn - the Story

Mikhail Margulis, the founder of Peninsula Gymnastics in San Mateo, California, has consistently witnessed the need for children to enhance their athleticism. Going to gymnastics and dance classes, swim and tennis lessons each week is fabulous, but kids need access to exercise at other times as well. Margulis took what he has learned over the last 30 years of teaching and coaching gymnasts and created gymOn. GymOn is a unique site for online exercise classes, which will build strength, and healthy habits for children.

gymOn - the Experts

GymOn is developed by program directors and coaches of Peninsula Gymnastics, many of who are professional members of USA Gymnastics. You will also notice professionals in ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, dance and physical therapy leading the classes.

gymOn - the Mission

GymOn is a unique program for kids and young athletes who are involved in all types of sports. The videos focus on fundamental exercises and drills in progression, to increase and develop flexibility, coordination, balance and accelerate brain activity.

gymOn - the Program

Our classes promote healthy habits for life through consistency, progression and skill development.

  1. Goal of the classes is to aid in the development of athletes in all sports.
  2. Each class provides 15 minutes of professional coaching and guidance.
  3. Classes were made with the intention of you working out with your family members.
  4. Most importantly, our goal for you, our valued customer, is to have fun and to get into a routine which will provide you with a happy and healthy life ahead.

Our Squad

Mikhail Margulis

Founder, Program Director

Anna Margulis

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer

Courtney Johnson

Co-Founder, Assistant Program Director

Mark Kachko

Co-Founder, Director of Sales

Yuriy Haidashev

Director of Engineering

Vlad Margulis

Director of Technology

Jodi Zwiebach

Director of Marketing

Nelya Riordan

Video Production Specialist

Josh Lerman

Video Production Specialist